Salu Art

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Salu Art is a unique design studio that was founded in 2003 by Western Australian artists and Textile Designers Samantha de Souza and Luke Matutinovich.

Using traditional hand screen printing processes, Salu customises their award winning designs for residential and commercial interiors, offering their clients a highly personalised, versatile, and creative service.

Customers have the opportunity to liaise directly with the artists to discuss their requirements and specifications.

From wall art to lampshades, cushions to bed throws, table runners, pelmets and room dividers, Salu`s striking contemporary artworks and soft furnishings can flow seamlessly through any interior space with a selection of exquisite backdrops(that play host to their designs).

Originally inspired by native Western Australian flora, Salu`s art work showcases larger than life organic silhouettes that have evolved into a veritable botanical garden featuring Baobabs, Bougaivilleas, Passion Fruit Vines, Banksias and Eucalypts.

Now eclectic, their collection branches out with stunning motifs of fantastical Architectural scenes, Eastern stylized ink brushed works, and collages exploring texture in objects and materials.

Salu`s extensive range is a multi-faceted exploration of colour, composition, scale, texture and form, translated across a myriad of textiles, which add to the visual aesthetic, finish, and appeal of each piece.

From matte cotton drills, to lustrous shimmering satins and exotic silks, Salu designs adorn both modern and classic environments.

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