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Salu Art Pty Ltd is a Western Australian art & design company that create original, unique art works using traditional handcrafted processes throughout. All designs created by the artists of Salu Art are entirely hand drawn from observation or imagination. Salu art do not copy or reproduce what does not belong to them.

All art works, drawings, designs and photographs created by Salu Art remain the intellectual property of Salu Art and are protected by Australian Copyright & Moral Rights Laws including (but not limited to) all content within this website. All Salu Art Designs, artworks, logos, graphic designs, drawings and photographs of designs within this site may not be copied, sold, downloaded, reproduced in any form, manipulated, distributed, used for publication, promotional purpose or financial gain without the written permission and consent from Salu Art Pty Ltd. Unauthorized use of the property of Salu Art can be considered a criminal offence and regarded as a breach of Australian Copyright laws which may result in legal proceedings or law suits against offenders.

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